newWaveX–SD   CREATING A TSF (continued)

To make the signal model into a reusable TSF, attribute variable names have to be added. These are required for any attributes that are to be accessible in the TSF. The BSCs are edited to enter the attribute names. These names are used later to pass values to the completed TSF. Any attributes that do not need to be changed may be given fixed values.

Next, the TSF properties are edited to make the attribute names accessible from outside of the TSF. Each attribute is added to the list and its type specified. The properties page also allows the TSF designer to add default values and information about the TSF and its properties.

The XML version of the TSF may be seen by opening the viewer TSF tab. If required, the XML may be copied from this window.

When using TSFs in a library within newWaveX, the process of saving TSFs is achieved automatically. The newly created library may be loaded for use within other signals.

The example shows the "SweepTestGenerator" TSF being used in a signal. The TSF is connected via a TwoWire BSC. The attributes are given suitable values, allowing the signal to be simulated.

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